What I Think Of The STEEM TRON Combination

It’s been what feels like ages since TRON and STEEM started to get into bed with one another and so far there hasn’t been much integration between the two apart from some TRON dapps advertising on Steemit. Then suddenly boom TRON is now integrated with STEEM wallets this week and everyone is abuzz with excitement, oh what a difference a deploy can make.

If you knew anything about STEEM you’d know that moving it to the TRON network would be so painful and not worth it, this chain has unique features that aren’t all that compatible with TRON and should remain on its own, a lot of users were scared that their STEEM would be merged into TRX-10 or 20 tokens due to some miscommunication and I can understand the worry.

Many people put lots of time and money into STEEM to build it into what it is today and would like to protect their investment. Now, however, with the two working side by side, I think it’s great for both chains and shows that chain interoperability is possible in all sorts of ways.

What do you think of the integration of Steemit and the TRON ecosystem?

I would like to be able to create liquidity pools to allow DEX users to get STEEM and move in and out of the network and give it a try which I think is important for the growth of both chains. I would like to see more DE-FI users for STEEM, and I would like to see more on-chain uses for TRON.

For example, having TRON delegations and having TRON as a tradable asset on the STEEM internal market.

I would like to see Just Stable coin pegged with SBD to help maintain the peg and bring SBD as an asset onto the TRON network too.

Do you think this TRX integration will bring more TRON users to Steemit?

I do expect this change to bring new users to check out and use steem.

Will this addition of TRX to the rewards encourage more people to join Steem?

Having an easy to use website with users to engage with and it doesn’t feel like “work” is a great way to get users to join the platform, so even if they don’t like STEEM as a coin, they can focus on TRON and enjoy the additional liquid rewards in TRX while their STEEM rewards can remain locked up and earning them a return in curation and staking rewards.

How can you optimize the amount of TRX you earn?

What will you do with the TRX you earn on Steem?

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